With Hurricane season starting in 7 days we show Storm surge modeling expert,
Ivor van Heerden, Deputy Director of the LSU Hurricane Center, looking at a model
of Hurricane Katrina on his computer. Ivor is quick to say Levees protect homes,
the wetlands protect the levees, and the barrier islands protect the wetlands.

The Marsh Mission team finds this to be sound reasoning and we continue to
reiterate that we need to restore the wetlands first to make south Louisiana
a safe and wonderful place to live and work.

Federal state and local officials have been studying wetland loss and it's solutions
for over 30 years yet no major project has been started. The time now for the President,
US Congress, the corps of engineers and the Governor of Louisiana to start putting
sediment back into the marsh and the barrier islands. Study and meeting time needs
to turn quickly into marsh restoration time.

We need more of this to protect the levee and thereby the people.
Brackish marsh near Avery Island, LA

We also need more of this.
A barrier Island knocks down the surge, this one is Last Island in Terrebonne Parish, LA