Reviews about Marsh Mission...

"This is not only beautiful and evocative in the way it says things, but provocative for what it
says. I congratulate CC Lockwood and Rhea Gray."
- -John Barry, author " Rising Tide "

"C.C. and Rhea have produced a book that communicates the glory of coastal Louisiana the
way God intended: With breathtaking color and light applied to images of otherworldly beauty.
If the coast is ever saved from ruin, it will be because the message finally transcended words
and people came to hear the creative voices of these two heroic advocates."
--Mike Tidwell, author " Bayou Farewell : The Rich Life and Tragic Death of
Louisiana's Cajun Coast


"C.C. Lockwood sees beauty and mystery and drama in Louisiana's incomparable, and
incomparably imperiled, marsh. Viewed through his artist's eye, the marsh is a place of
ephemeral abstractions brought to life by his year-long journey through wild Louisiana and by
this remarkable pairing of his photographs with the lush sensuality of Rhea Gary's brushstrokes. "
--Manuel Roig-Franzia, Washington Post national correspondent and Southern bureau chief


"The Louisiana wetlands are one of the most productive and unique habitats of our Wild America. 
After the hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, we are able to clearly see the damage caused by
the absence of this natural barrier in certain critical areas and we can easily understand the
tremendous value of preserving and expanding our remaining coastal marsh.  Marsh Mission
portrays this situation and the efforts needed to correct it better than any other source of 
which I am aware.  It deserves our complete understanding and our full support. "
--Marty Stouffer, Filmmaker and Producer of Wild America as seen on PBS for 11 years


"Louisiana's coastal wetlands are being degraded to an alarming degree, the shore eroding at
a rate ranking as one of the highest in the world. Few, other than scientists and
environmentalists, are aware of the dreadful circumstances because of the region's sparse
human population density. In order to publicize the plight of the Louisiana bayou, nature
photographer Lockwood and landscape painter Gary embarked on a journey – a pilgrimage to
extol the marshland's unique and powerful beauty. Lockwood provides stunning photographs
and a 13-page essay, “Houseboat Journey through the Wetlands.” Gary renders landscape oil
paintings of “emotional response” placed within an 11-page essay, “Marsh Mission.” The heart
of the book is a selection of 60 page-size plates of crisp photographs and “hot” oil paintings that
together capture the singular spiritual quintessence of southern Louisiana's marshlands during
the cycles of the day and the seasons. A 14-page epilogue of text and photographs serves as
closure for this extraordinary book that deserves wide readership. This oversized work is
splendid, an aesthetic feast that nurtures the reader's eyes, soul, and imagination. Everyone
should own a copy of this book and share it with their children. It celebrates the power of art to
generate hope for the future. Summing Up: Essential. All levels."
--P. R. Pinet, Colgate University for Choice , Current Reviews for Academic Libraries


"Marsh Mission is a beautiful, informative and important book about a subject in urgent need
of attention, not just from Louisiana residents but from the nation as a whole.  Lockwood and
Gary are artists of imposing talent who lend their unwavering eyes and great passion to a great
--Ken Wells, The Wall Street Journal and author of Meely LaBauve
for article on Marsh Mission January 21, 2005 by Mary Ann Sternberg